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Lela Rose Summer Collection Coming to Lane Bryant

Illustration for article titled Lela Rose Summer Collection Coming to Lane Bryant

Lela Rose is collaborating with Lane Bryant for limited edition collection. The American designer was motivated by something we already know: no matter your size, all women want stylish, flattering clothing.


Rose spoke with Glamour explaining why the collaboration was a no-brainer for her.

"Every designer has known for forever how under-served this market is," she told me over the phone. "We have a customer who comes into a store all the time and says 'Why don't you have my size? I want what you do, I love your fabrics, but you don't make my size.' We've always had the capability to do it, but the stores don't necessarily stock those sizes."


Lela Rose Exclusively for Lane Bryant will be print heavy and colorful. The collection will feature flattering embellishments and shapes like the classic pencil skirt.

"In [the plus-size] market, it's been these large, kind of nothing pieces that are either black or taupe. I think these women want print, want color, want fun," she said. "It's not like they want to cover themselves up. It's very much what our regular customer wants, actually. The mind-set is virtually the same."

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait awhile—the collection won't be released until Summer 2015, but it sounds like it will be worth it. Pieces will be available both online and the collection will be presented "in its entirety in some stores, with all other stores carrying at least two pieces."

The Lela Rose collection for Lane Bryant certainly sounds promising and hopefully a successful run can help in the continued efforts to convince designers that the plus-size market is not only viable, but very profitable.


Image via Lane Bryant.

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Lady Commentariat

Tasteful prints and colors, please! Lane Bryant (and other plus size clotheirs) already carry a number of hideous, brightly colored/patterned clothes.

(And I really like that dress.)