Leighton Meester Doesn't Wear Headbands... Ever

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester comes off as more than a little dull and publicist-controlled in her interview in Teen Vogue's February 2009 issue. But is she more annoying than Blake Lively?

On her character, Blair Waldorf:

“I loved the character and the script,” says Leighton, “I just understood Blair – she’s seemingly flawless but has the same problems and the same issues as anybody else has at that age. I feel like that’s why people find her so intriguing.”


On how she and her castmates are all BFFs:

"Everybody lives within a five-block radius” of one another. “Work is how I meet people,” she explains. “When you’re friends with somebody who does what you do, it’s easier. It’s the same thing when you’re dating somebody.

She also claims that Ed "I'm Chuck Bass" Westwick is her "favorite actor to work with" and that she and him have "really good chemistry." Leighton, you seem like a nice girl, but you might want to shy away from saying you have "chemistry" from a guy who comes off as a bit of a self-obsessed sleeze in interviews where he repeatedly calls the interviewer "baby."


On headbands:

I don't wear headbands, ever.

ZOMG. We can think of a few Blair-worshipping gals who will be a little upset to hear that.


It is also claimed that she is "totally comfortable" with the photo-snapping crowds that swarm around the GG cast while they are filming in NYC. Funny, we remember her being a wee bit camera shy.


Safe interview aside, we're still fans. What can we say? She/Blair Waldorf are the best part of Gossip Girl.

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