Legal Gay Marriage Could Generate Half a Billion Dollars in First Year

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Well, this is vindicating: As has been projected for YEARS by same-sex marriage proponents, gay marriage, if legalized, could generate $464 million dollars in state revenue in its first year. And that's just across the 11 states examined in a new Williams Institute study.


Via WaPo:

The reports, created by the Williams Institute, a national think tank based at the UCLA School of Law and committed to research on sexual orientation and gender identity, estimate that nearly 89,701 same-sex couples would wed in the first three years of legal marriage in the 11 states studied this year, contributing $723.5 million to the state economies over that period.

And here's projected data for a couple of individual states (more at the WaPo link):

Texas (July, 2014)

Couples marrying over first three years: 23,200

Three-year economic benefit: $181,600,000

Three-year revenue benefit: $14,800,000

Economic benefit in first year: $116,200,000

Pennsylvania (May, 2014)

Couples marrying over first three years: 11,168 (low-end estimate: 7,490)

Three-year economic benefit: $92,100,000 (low-end estimate: $65,000,000)

Three-year revenue benefit: $5,800,000 (low-end estimate: $4,200,000)

Economic benefit in first year: $58,900,000 (low-end estimate: $42,000,000)

You guys. That is so much money! Even if you're determined to be a shitty bigot until your dying breath, you could at least acknowledge that you are just dumping money into a garbage fire, and by withholding that money from your state's economy you are actively hurting yourself and your family. I THOUGHT YOU PEOPLE WERE INTO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. (Note: If you only support same-sex marriage for selfish economic reasons, you are still a shitty bigot. But it's better than nothing, I guess.)

Attention, gay couples! Unlike shitty bigots who hate the economy, I will accept your currency! If you need an officiant, if you need wedding vows written, if you need a cake taster, if you need someone to sing "Part of Your World" at the karaoke reception, I AM AVAILABLE.

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The colossal fuck up known as Rick Perry will still find a way to deny same sex marriage regardless of the economic benefit to his state. He turned down healthcare funding from Washington based on "In Texas we do things differently". Yup, staggeringly, stupidly, outrageously, differently.