American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland has joined the Under Armour fitness wear company as a spokesperson and her advertisement photos are awe-inspiring. I really need to do more of squats and calf exercises, guys, I'm slipping.

"Joining the Under Armour family feels like a natural fit, since they have always championed hard work and strong women," Copeland added in the statement. "In addition to supporting me with innovative performance products that give me an edge in my training, Under Armour will be a great partner to help me inspire women as they find the will to pursue their goals."


The campaign is reportedly Under Armour's largest push directed at women in their history and the #IWILL campaign also features young tennis player Sloane Stephens.

In 2007, Copeland became the third African American female soloist, and the first in two decades, at the American Ballet Theatre. She's also performed alongside Prince — yes, that Prince — in concert during his song, "The Beautiful Ones" and others. I would post a clip but his Purpleness has probably zapped all of them off the face of the Internet. Instead let's just gawk at the muscle definition happening here…


Images via Facebook

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