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Lee Aronsohn Wants to Know What's Dripping Out of Your Vagina!

Illustration for article titled Lee Aronsohn Wants to Know Whats Dripping Out of Your Vagina!

If Lee "Two and a Half Menses" Aronsohn was really "just joking" when he told the world he's sick of vaginas:

We are approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation.

...then logically, that must mean that Lee Aronsohn is NOT sick of vaginas, right? In fact, he's so totally 100% not sick of vaginas, he's probably wondering what's going on inside yours right now. To do him a solid (or, er, a clotty liquid), comedian Jen Kirkman is sending Lee Aronsohn (@BennyAce) her very best, most precious vagina anecdotes on Twitter, and she suggests you do the same. A sampling:

One time @bennyace, I got my period two days early and you guessed it! I had white pants on. Red in face and in the labia!

So @Bennyace first time I got my period I thought I'd shit my the front. It was a weird brown color. LOL TMI? Awkwwaaard!

Ladies in Hollywood and ladies who watch TV! Come on and tell @bennyace your favorite period stories!


So hop to it, ladies! Lee Aronsohn is literally on the edge of his seat waiting to hear about the color and consistency of your crotch juice! I cannot think of a single more productive way to spend a Monday afternoon.

Photo credit: (C) matka_Wariatka / Stockfresh.

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All this period talk reminds me of a meme i found...time of the month tiger.