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LeAnn Rimes Jokes That She Raped Her First Boyfriend

Apparently LeAnn Rimes is catching some heat/getting some backlash/throwing herself over the line into terrible for making a joke about rape on In Bed with Joan, an interview series with Joan Rivers.

Appearing with her husband Eddie Cibrian in the short video segment that went up Tuesday, Rimes was responding to a question Rivers asked about when she lost her virginity (it's at around 12 minutes in the video above) when she made the remark:

Rimes: I was in Monte Carlo and I was 15? I know, it's kind of a bullshit story, it's like oh, please. I was 16. There you go.

Rivers: Was it nice? Was it bad? Was he nice?

Rimes: Well, he was my boyfriend for like three and a half years. So he was fine. I think I raped him. I think that's how it happened.


Not helping Rimes's cause is that she started the episode off by immediately making a joke about her drink being roofied.

Later on in the episode, she expanded on her feelings about all the negative attention she and her husband get. "That's the great thing about us, we laugh at ourselves. I'll make the joke, I'll be the first one to make the joke," Rimes said.


"Laugh with me, laugh at me, as long as you're laughing, I'm doing something right."

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A Small Turnip

Does she hear herself? I mean, fuck. That is grim, man.