LC Now Paying People To Wear Her Clothes • Bulletproof Bras For Germany's Female Cops

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After her "Lauren Conrad Collection" was dropped from the L.A. celebrity boutique Kitson, LC has resorted to using her C-list celeb status as a bargaining chip to find people to wear her clothes. • PANIC: There was a bomb threat at the MGM tower earlier today. The entire building was evacuated, including the talent agency ICM and the production companies of Tom Cruise and Salma Hayek.• What does "curvy" mean to women's magazines? We're guessing anyone higher than a size 2.

Interesting study of the day: people who are struggling to define themselves rely on others' feedback more than those with a strong sense of self. • Conservationists find that there are nearly double the number of gorillas in the Republic of Congo than they previously thought (total number: 125,000). • Aafia Siddiqui, an American-educated Pakistani neuroscientist has been extradited to the U.S. after being accused of shooting at U.S. officers while in Afghan custody. • Read about one American stud's journey to South Korea and the disappointing backstage antics at the world's biggest male beauty pageant, Manhunt (hee!). • Are the dwindling numbers of top female staffers at the WSJ a result of Rupert Murdoch's take over? Or has a lack of women always existed at the paper? • Is Secret Diary of a Call Girl realistic about high-class escorting? Sort-of! At least about the lonely parts. • Desperate women in Afghanistan choose death-by-fire, but they don't realize how long it takes to die, resulting in hospital stays and lots of pain. • Germany's lady cops are being issues bulletproof bras, which is good news because sometimes a bullets, even when absorbed by bulletproof vests, can mess up bras and cause serious injury to the bra-wearing woman. • As Japan becomes more and more obsessed with cleanliness and scent, aging Japanese men are becoming self-concious of their smelly, aging bods.• Oh boy! Pot Psychology's Rich introduces Winston to another pet that is just as adorable and camera-ready as he is! Watch the results.

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I always knew LC was a robot and that picture proves me right.

I would totally watch the Winston & Wallace show.

The fact that aging Japanese men are becoming self-concious about cleanliness bodes well for the women who have to co-star in "Grandpa Porn."