A bunch of lawmakers are mad about cigarette advertisements in women's magazines. We'd tell you who, but it's the end of the day, and what we have to say is: Pall Mall, you suck. Your yellow cardboard ads annoy the shit out of us. Otherwise, as we sit here scratching our heads wondering how we caught bipolar disorder, we'd like to point out, politicos, that we already KNOW we like cigarettes. Tobacco companies' ads don't sway our opinions in any way, nor do their fancy new female-friendly packages or the awful party RJ Reynolds sponsored with the Misshapes that one time we actually left the house to go to a party. While we're never quite sure whether we need a new brand of mineral foundation or variety of eye cream or formulation of sleep aid or flavor of lip gloss, we know we need cigarettes, at least when we can remember to leave the house, and we furthermore know that the need has nothing to do with advertising, and everything to do with the fact that cigarettes go fucking great with the morning Sumatra.

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