Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Terry Richardson Episode

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The latest sexual-assault scandal that SVU has ripped from the headlines is that of pervy photographer Terry Richardson. This should be good.


The May 14 episode, titled "Thought Criminal," will revolve around a "a well-regarded photographer with a secret life." According to the episode description:

THE SVU PUSHES LEGAL AND MORAL BOUNDARIES TO PUT A SEXUAL PREDATOR BEHIND BARS. GUEST STAR B.D. WONG RETURNS. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Murphy (Donal Logue), Sergeant Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and the SVU take an active approach to catching sex offenders - they target Simon Wilkes (guest star Joshua Malina), a well-regarded photographer with a secret life. An undercover investigation finds his graphic fantasies may have crossed the line into reality, at a child's expense. But the case becomes impossible when no evidence of a victim is found.

The Richardson-inspired character will be played by Scandal's Joshua Malina. It should be interesting to see whether he's styled with those oversized kid-toucher glasses.


Mel aka kayakgrrl


I don't care about anything else in this episode. It could be 44 minutes of watching the team fill out paperwork. Dr Hwang is back!!!!