Law & Order Makes Viewers Hungry • Severe Gender Wage Gap Exists In Brazil

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People who watch crime shows like Law & Order and CSI spend more on groceries, according to a new study. Brutal TV homicides: making us hungry! • Do you want a crush to fall head-over-heels for you? Take them him or her a roller-coaster ride. • Diane Webber, the model/actress who starred in the 1962 film Mermaids of Tiburon, has died at the age of 76. RIP. • Animals get STDs too. (In fact three of the major STDs in humans originated in animals.) • A married couple in England claim to be the world's oldest combined couple with 205 years between the two of them (The wife is 100, the hubby is 105). •• NYU has received a $490k grant from the National Science Foundation to promote women and minorities in the sciences. • The Iranian government is looking to decrease elective Cesareans (which make up 40% of births) by educating women and doctors about the benefits and risks of natural births. • In 2005, nearly 4,000 women were treated in a NYC emergency room for injuries inflicted by their partners. • Diet tricks: eat food naked, take pictures of what you're eating, brush your teeth when you are hungry, or wear tight clothes! Basically, try everything but eating healthier, whole foods. • As more women join the field of urology, the culture of the medical field is undergoing a gender makeover that is friendlier and more welcoming to women. • Female condom-makers in India aim market their condoms to female sex-workers through NGOs at a lower cost. • A study in South Africa reveals that over 1 in 4 South African men who have been married or have lived with their partner reported using violence against their current or former female partner. • Cosmopolitan is teaming up with YouTube for StarLaunch, a contest encouraging YouTube female singers to post videos of themselves and win a chance to share the stage with Solange Knowles. Squee! • A luxury boutique hotel in Singapore has set aside a whole floor (5 suites) that are strictly for women only, giving female travelers not traveling with men feel "a sense of peace." • An Australian woman has set up a website to track down a man who viciously beat her outside of a casino. • A new test for a protein called P16INK4A is more effective at catching pre-cancerous cells in women who might have cervical cancer than a normal pap smear. • Women earn roughly two-thirds of the average male income in Brazil in 2006 while blacks earn about half of what whites make.



I think this calls for some kind of flow chart.