Law Firm Forced To Work With "Uppity Bitch" Who Was A Grammar Nazi

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The breakup of a small law firm in Texas has revealed some gross and amazing details and none of it is pretty.


A recent lawsuit filed by former partners in the Ferrer Tu & Payne firm in Houston show some pretty batshitcrazy things went on:

In early January, Warrenson Payne and Nancy Chong (formerly Nancy Tu) of the disbanded law firm Ferrer Tu & Payne brought suit against ex-partner Ada Ferrer, claiming that she'd drained the firm's accounts before scampering off to join a competitor firm. Payne and Chong further alleged that Ferrer had an especially "caustic attitude" and was "highly derogatory" to firm employees. Ferrer, of course, denied that categorization of herself and her actions, saying that she was "authorized to obtain funds." Drama.


Ferrer has now filed a counterclaim against the firm, alleging her former partner was basically inept and a terrible manager. Ferrer alleges Payne used firm funds to "pay for strip club outings," and more.

[Ferrer] also alleges Payne was "not capable" of professionally preparing written correspondence, billing, pleadings or briefs.

"When confronted about his inability to write legal papers, Payne called Ferrer an 'uppity bitch' and stated, 'Nobody cares about grammar' and further stated 'grammar is for old people,'" Ferrer alleges in the answer and counterclaim.

OK, so everyone got that? Lawyers think grammar is total bullshit and firm money should go to strippers. Sure, that sounds about right! BTW, what the hell is going on with the law profession lately? Is it something in the water they're drinking or what?


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Having worked in the legal field for about 20 years, the bat shit craziness doesn't surprise me, the strip clubs don't surprise me, the "caustic attitude" and being "highly derogatory" doesn't surprise me, uppity bitches don't surprise me, but how the fuck can someone become a partner at a law firm if they can't even write a brief?

I love the lawyers I work for, they do not behave like this.