Laurie Anderson Is Hosting a Near-Silent Times Square Concert for Dogs

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On January 4, experimental artist Laurie Anderson will perform music in Times Square at a decibel that only dogs can hear. This is not an audio malfunction, but a choice made by Anderson to finally give the dog concert that Times Square audiences have long been waiting for.


DNAinfo reports:

The concert will honor K9 first reponders from NYPD, MTA, and other city agencies — as well as their human handlers.

It begins at 11 p.m. in Duffy Square at Broadway and 46th Street and runs until midnight — and in the final three minutes of the show, Anderson will screen a clip from her Academy-Award nominated documentary, Heart of a Dog, on dozens of sychronized Times Square billboards.

The film — which focuses on her reflections on the deaths of her husband [Lou Reed], mother, and dog — will show on the billboards every night in the last three minutes before midnight starting New Year’s Eve through the end of January, organizers said.

(People will wear headphones to hear the music.)

Worth noting that my parents regularly leave on NPR for their dogs when they leave for work and the dogs really don’t seem to appreciate it. In fact, they can barely contribute to the conversation when I bring up the latest Fresh Air interview or ask who their favorite classical composer is. Dogs, in general, don’t seem that into music. Sounds they are into: gates opening and closing, cars pulling into the driveway, and—presumably—Laurie Anderson’s performance art.

So if you and your dog happen to be in New York next Monday, consider hauling your pup to Times Square—the most dog-friendly environment in all of Manhattan!—for a show that your pet will never forget (for a full 30-seconds).

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“ a decibel that only dogs can hear.”

I think you mean at a frequency / frequencies that only dogs can hear?

Also, this would probably be a great time to hang in Times Square if you dislike teenagers.