Lauren Goldstein Crowe Joins Righteous Struggle Against Fake Fendis

You know what? After our last post, we thought we were going to take a break from hating 'Portfolio' fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe. We can't, for one thing, get a decent picture of her, because the people who run WireImage won't give us an account, apparently because we are "mean." Also: We are really not that mean! But today Lauren takes on the Fendi/Wal Mart legal scuffle over the pirated bags. And by "take on" as usual we mean, "use as an opportunity to lick the billionaire anuses of fashion industry executives." Below, she describes the detestable practice wherein Chinese manufacturers make fake jeans that look exactly like real Levi's, and keep all the money themselves!

An executive from a major jeans brand told me that shortly after they opened their first factory in China, another factory opened nearby. It had the same machines that his factory had, and bought materials from the same supplier. The jeans they produced had the same brand name on their label as the one on his.


Major scandal! I wonder how they might avoid?! Oh wait, by manufacturing somewhere other than China? But it gets better!

Intellectual property lawyers and luxury goods executives are quick to point to links between counterfeit goods and child labor, money laundering, and even terrorism.

And... right. Because genuine Western brands that outsource their manufacturing to Taiwanese and Korean subcontractors who in turn outsource their manufacturing to Chinese factories NEVER seem to get their lawyers to link themselves to child labor or money laundering.

And also: JC dude, terrorism? Who are you, Karl Rove?

Fakes, Damn Fakes, And Fendi [Portfolio]

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So what that means is my fake jeans are the same as my real jeans but only Chinese people made any money, plus I saved money. How is that different from all the other stuff I buy from China?I buy my jeans from the big thrift store and take them to be fitted at my favorite Korean tailors and so I am never more than a couple months out of style plus my jeans fit and I have enough money left to buy really expensive other stuff. $400 Jeans are cruel and wrong.