Lauren Conrad's "Bella" Collection: Just As Bad As "City Of Angels"

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Question about Lauren Conrad. Why does she think she is so talented that she has to put out not one but two Spring 2008 collections? Remember her first Spring '08, collection? "City of Angels"? There was nary an angelic look to be seen, but there were plenty of overpriced jersey dresses. And shocker, her second Spring '08 collection, Bella, is not bella at all. But there are plenty of overpriced jersey dresses! (For example, the Lala dress, at left, which retails for $110.) Another idiotic collection from your favorite cast member of The Hills that we are sure will not be appearing in Teen Vogue any time soon, after the jump.


Jackie Tube Top ($42), Sherry Dress ($185), Amber Dress ($128)

1. I say: Do you know what I could do with $42 instead?! 2. For one, I could get this dress but nicer and cheaper at J. Crew. 3. This is just plain ugly.

Lexi Tank ($88), Diane Dress ($124), Natalie Dress ($130)

In the words of Nina G: It looks cheap: All of it. Each and every one.

Dana Dress ($115), Emily Skirt ($115), Kiki Tank ($84)


1. Does LC think we're all five-year olds with expense accounts? 2. Has she been peeping in Julia Allison's closet? 3. Does LC think we're stupid enough to shell out $84 for a plain tank?!

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Why don't I just buy last season's fashions from "Forever 21" and ASSURE people that they're Lauren Conrad originals?