Lauren Conrad Works Harder Than We Do

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We want to hate Lauren Conrad. Famous for being famous in a potentially worse way than even Paris Hilton, she has long represented all that is wrong with our times, if not MTV programming. But upon further examination — by the weekly, salmon-colored broadsheet the New York Observer — we've discovered that Lauren may be a harder working lady than we are!
Sure she doesn't exactly, uh, read (though she tells the Observer she loves the work being done by The New York Times, she then concedes that "I don't read the paper so much, though ... I read the weeklies") but really, who has time to read nowadays? Especially when focused on education? Oh, wait: "I was like a C student. My dad said, 'It's fine if you want to be an average student, but you're going to have to do some stuff on the side.'" Let this be a lesson to us all!


Which brings us to our real point! Lauren can't be bothered with newspapers or school — she's a budding mogul! Interning at Teen Vogue! Starring in The Hills! ("We have exciting lives, and it's L.A., and they can show how glamorous it can get.") Designing her own clothing line! ("[D]oing this line was the best education I've gotten. It's taken four months to get ready...") This girl is busy and we're ashamed. While we sit at home in our pajamas thinking that we're busting our asses trying to bring you a constant stream of analysis on Michelle Obama's womanly ways and Britney's vagina, we're actually slackers. At least compared to LC. Like, by this time she has already been on Regis and Kelly and done an interview about being on Regis and Kelly. You know how we said we wanted to hate Lauren Conrad? We just remembered: We actually do.

The Other Lauren [NY Observer]



Hmmm, a C student who can barely read gets an internship at Teen Vogue. It's for this reason that I hate her - because she's been handed everything she has in life. If not for her rich parents, she wouldn't live in the OC and wouldn't have been on Laguna Beach. If not for her Laguna Beach fame she wouldn't have gotten an internship at a major teen magazine or her own spin-off tv show. And if not for The Hills, she'd never have a fashion line!