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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Lauren Conrad Will Shill For Style And She Will Like It!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Lauren Conrad is On The Move, Azlan-style. After a prolonged period of alleged laziness, Conrad is promoting her eponymous clothing line all over our fifty states. [Yahoo]
  • According to this Sun columnist's "hunch," Kate Moss is pregnant. Take that for what it's worth. [The Sun]
  • According to model Niki Taylor — and her husband, doctor and uterus' hunch — she's pregnant too! [People]
  • Fashiongate FAQ. [Washington Post]
  • More signs of economic apocalypse: the cancellation of Fashion Rocks, CondeNast's annual fashion-rock concert-magazine. [AdAge]
  • Here's how to get those undecided swing voters! "On Thursday morning, (Zac) Posen filmed a 15-second video urging people to vote, to vote for Barack Obama, and to dress for the occasion." [WWD]
  • L'Oreal keeps its head above water, but cuts forecasts. [WSJ]
  • There's hedging your bets, and then there's...this. In case they don't get Runway back, Bravo's introducing Fashion House, Celebrity Sew-Off and The Fashion Show, which sounds suspiciously like a Project Runway where viewers choose the winner. [Yahoo]
  • Kate Moss, friend, rumored to be dressing up as Tina Turner, Cher for Halloween, kicks. [Fashionologie]
  • "Where would Moss be without her languidly rockish locks?" Um, I don't know. Anyway, her hairdresser is releasing a budget line of hair products. So that we can continue to look nothing like her, on the cheap! [Guardian]
  • Ferragamo does all the beautiful, 40s-style shoes for the epic film Australia. [W]
  • As an army of Bettys and Joans can tell you tonight, Mad Men has had a serious influence on fashion. [LA Times]
  • Charlotte Ronson for J.C. Penney is predictably darling. [Nylon]
  • Speaking of cute fast fashion: Old Navy's latest plus-sized line is really pretty. [Fabsugar]
  • On the other side of economic divide, Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquière ditches his celeb moddles. [New York Magazine]
  • And the head of Chanel: “Even in tough times, people want to see beautiful and inspirational things." [Economist]
  • Rami Kashou lectures at the Phillips Collection. Quoth the master-draper: "I want to talk about what it takes to keep a dream alive...What it's like to be a 5-year-old and have a dream." [Washington Post]
  • Bottega Veneta gets into cruisewear. Believe it or not, more frequent collections is actually a Recession-proofing measure. [WWD]