Lauren Conrad Collection: Ugly, Overpriced, Simply Outrageous

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Once again, Lauren Conrad "triumphs" over Heidi Montag. While Heidi's "working" in fashion as the "face" of Anchor Blue (for the more "mature" slutty tween!), Lauren is actually "designing" her own clothes. Only her designs are a little...meh. Ok, they're actually a lot "meh": The Spring 2008 looks of the Lauren Conrad Collection is nothing more than idiotic jersey pieces, that retail for up to $170 dollars. Not only that, but the cuts seem super weird, and the palette is heavy on doody colors. LC did, however, name two looks after gal pals Whitney Port and Audrina Partridge! After the jump, behold the full Lauren Conrad Spring/Summer 2008 collection. And try not to throw things at your monitor in outrage when you do.


L to R: Katherine wrap, $140; Jackie tube top, $42; Leggings, $48 / Jillian dress, $145 / Maura top, $85


Verdict: I like to wear leggings around my apartment. But even I wouldn't match them with a tube top; Why wear a burlap sack when you can wear a jersey sack? If your milkshake doesn't bring all the boys to the yard, you can always just show them your boobs.

L to R: Sophia dress, $145; London top, $100; Audrina dress, $150

Verdict: So when are you due? What? You're not pregnant? Sorry; Nouveau Flashdance; The poor man's Rami Kashou!

L to R: Britton top, $94; Bree tank, $75; Nicole skirt, $85


Verdict: How Contempo Casuals ca. 1993; Seriously, you can buy this but nicer at Target. Words I never thought I would say: A cheaper Amy Winehouse.

L to R: Whitney dress, $170; Natonia dresss, $150


Verdict: LC must not like Whitney very much as this is by far the ugliest look of the lot; This is probably your best bet of all the pieces, even though it cannot be worn by those with actual breasts.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Unless you are a skinny rectangle moddle, tapered jeans will make you look like a rhombus.