Laura Ingraham Hates Manbuns and Hillary Clinton in Equal Measure

Image via AP
Image via AP

On the third day of the Republican National Convention, conservative radio host and general blowhard Laura Ingraham wore a very purple dress and stood in front of a very purple backdrop and compared Hillary Clinton to the scourge of skinny jeans and man buns.


Yahoo! reports that during what appeared to be a very rousing 20 minute speech that touched on a myriad of topics from abortion to flag burning, Ingraham took a curious rhetorical hard left and closed out by comparing the Democratic nominee to those brave men who chose to wear their hair up, floppy and proud, in a bun.

Something tells me the man bun vote isn’t terrifically upset by this declaration, but really, what do I know? Not content to go out on this strange high note, Ingraham left the stage doing, uh, this.

That looks like a gesture one should generally try to avoid in public. Seems to me that no one really does that anymore these days and it’s horrifying to think of that gesture and its implications coming back into vogue. Let’s not do that again, Laura. You’ve been warned.

For those keeping track at home, the strange and terrifying spectacle that is the Republican National Convention ends July 21.

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Obligatory man bun appreciation thread? Obligatory man bun appreciation thread.