Laura Ingraham Blames Diversity for White House Security Breach

Fox News mainstay and wearer of prominently displayed cross necklaces Laura Ingraham is pretty sure that feminists are to blame for the security breach that led to a fence jumper overpowering a female Secret Service agent and making his way into the White House.


During a segment that aired yesterday, Ingraham noted that she was pretty sure that if a big beefy man had been stationed at the White House front door instead of a dainty and tackleable woman, things might have been different. And, following that, maybe if it weren't for the Obama administration's incurable namby-pamby political correctness, that lady might not have been there in the first place.

They brought in a woman, first female director – remember the Obama administration loves firsts. You get the sense at some point that it's the first that's more important than the common sense.

She added, get the sense that the first is what really drives their – floats their boat. They want to be historic. They want it to be an historic appointment, instead of thinking, "Gee, maybe we just need the best people."

Following that, Ingraham invoked the names of Jay-z and Beyonce in an inscrutable diss attempt.

Bottom third chyron action approaching Peak Fox News here. Everybody take the rest of the day off.



The Gaysian

That's it (sarcasm). I'm cancelling my Netflix account, all I need to do is watch Faux News for entertainment.

Anyways, prepare for them to deny they did anything wrong, blame it on political correctness, and them make a half-assed "apology." Starting in 3... 2... 1...