Latoya Peterson Will Put Us All Out To Pasture

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Please give a warm welcome to writer and editor Latoya Peterson, who will be guest-blogging on Jezebel for the next two weeks.


Latoya, who has contributed to Jezebel for many months - both as Crappy Hour participant and contributor - comes to us from Racialicious, the much-admired politics-meets-pop-culture blog devoted to issues of ethnicity and race. (She runs it!) Latoya has a self-admitted eclectic streak, which means that she may - nay, will - be writing about everything under the sun, from public policy to dating rituals, video games, geek culture and foreign fashion magazines. Her command of language, understanding of complex issues and research skills are outstanding, and the fact that she is only in her early 20s puts the rest of us (the older ones, that is) to shame. She is definitely, for lack of a better phrase, 'one to watch'. Shout-outs, and all-enveloping embraces, in the comments, please.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

When I was in my early early 20's, I was mostly chasing around asshole guys and putting too many chemicals into my body and spending all of my money on clothes and listening to morning radio shows. So, way to be on top of it, Latoya, and welcome :)