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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon...And Zack Morris!

Last night, one of my very favorite television characters ever returned in all his Bayside High glory to give us all a glimpse at the way he lives now. That's right: Zack Morris is back.

It is not a secret to anyone that I am slightly obsessed with Saved by the Bell. In fact, Anna asked me to write up this clip, as my love of Saved by the Bell knows no bounds and she felt I was perhaps the best person to describe the highs and lows of Zack Morris' return to the small screen.


Jimmy Fallon has spent months trying to orchestrate a Saved by the Bell reunion, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who is currently promoting his TNT series Raising the Bar, was happy to feed into Fallon's SBTB obsession. While a full-on cast reunion didn't take place last night, Gosselaar did show up, in character, as Zack Morris, and remained that way throughout his interview. Here, Fallon tries to quiz "Zack Morris" to have him prove he's the real deal. Zack's answers were the stuff of SBTB fan dreams: he references his old Miss Bliss days in Indiana, Stacey Carosi and the Malibu Sands Beach Club, Stansbury, and he pulls the ol' Time Out on poor befuddled Jimmy. We also learn what happened between Zack and Kelly (with a nice shout out to 90210, the Attic, and that slimeball Jeff).

The interview was pretty perfect: it was clearly written by someone who really loved the show and knew what the fans were looking for — Zack even took the stage with The Roots to perform a classic Zack Attack jam, "Friends Forever."


However, as a hardcore SBTB fan, I feel the need to call shenanigans on a few things. First of all, Fallon's audience seemed to miss half the references, which might indicate that they were too young to really obsess over the show the way someone my age did. Secondly, Zack calls Jessie to ask if she'll participate in the reunion and all she can say is yes? No "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!?" Also, Zack called Jessie "Jess" twice while talking to her on his giant mobile phone, which I don't think he ever called her during the show. Third: Fallon totally blows a reference later in the show when he makes a joke about Jessie and Zack kissing during a performance of "Sleeping Beauty." COME ON, JIMMY FALLON! Everyone knows it was "Snow White and the Seven Dorks."

Overall, a quality return to the small screen for the king of Bayside High. Or maybe it was terrible and I've just been convinced that Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise by this kickass Beau Revere tape I've been listening to all morning.

Zack Attacks Late Night, Signs On For The Reunion [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]

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I was also afraid that the Vegas marriage would turn tragic. Much like the entire college show.