Last Week's Creeps This Week: Mario Batali

Welcome back to Where Are They Now?: Last Week’s Creeps This Week, a series that catches up with creeps of yore.

If someone is known for owning hundreds of pairs of orange crocs, that’s your first sign that something is not right.


Our final Where Are They Now? Last Week’s Creeps This Week (for now!!! We’ve barely scratched the surface of creeps!) is on Eataly godfather and pizza dough cinnamon roll devotee Mario Batali. Batali was accused of “inappropriate touching” by at least four women, according to a report from Eater. Following the accusations, Eataly stopped stocking his products, Batali was kicked off The Chew, Food Network canceled plans to remake Molto Mario, and he removed himself from operations at Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group.


Where is he now? According to the New York Times, “actively exploring when or whether to begin” his comeback. As this list of Italian food-related phrases says, conosco i mieli polli!

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Slay.douché - (dreams to be a puppy)

but like seriously
when are your learn to speak italian videos
showing up on youtube? :)