Last Week Tonight Is Right About the Bullshit That Is Daylight Savings

It starts with a bang: you're out at the club on Saturday night and suddenly it's not 2 am—it's 3 am, and you're rushing to get in a cab because you're fucking exhausted and it's way too late to be out. Except everyone else is doing the same thing and it's a minor miracle that you even get one. And then you wake up at 11:30 am and the sun is so bright so you can't even go back to sleep. And then the line at your bagel place is insanely long and it takes you half an hour to make a transaction that should really have taken 10 minutes, max. And yes, the weather is very nice and it is still light out at 6 pm but you could have had a perfectly okay day without losing or gaining an hour or whatever happened to time when the federal government decided to play god. And now it's Monday and you are inexplicably very very tired, almost as if you didn't have a weekend at all.


Anyway, in his recurring series "How Is This Still A Thing?" John Oliver gets it. Hope your weekend was nice, despite it including the worst day of the year.

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And then, one day after the club and sleeping into 11:30 thing is long behind you, you have a kid who can't tell time yet and doesn't understand how Mommy can magically decide that he needs to fucking get in the car and go to school even though the sun just came up and it is clearly still jammy time! And on one level you're like "holy shit kid, just put on your pants and let's GTFO" and on the other hand you're like "I KNOW! IT'S RIDICULOUS!"