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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Last Night's Bachelor Included a Beautiful Date at/Marketing Opportunity for McDonald's

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor was deeply boring—the women are starting to feel more feelings, it’s hard to watch Ben get close to other people, etc etc.—but it did have one thing: an amazing plug for the little restaurant start-up, McDonald’s!

“Aww,” you might be saying to yourself about Ben’s date with Amanda, where they ordered Egg McMuffins and then worked the drive-thru. “What a down-home, chill date that really allows two people to get to know each other. None of this fancy dinner in a barn or on a hilltop or in an igloo—this is where real Americans eat!”

However, please recall that Ben is currently starring in a McDonald’s commercial himself (along with a few other past Bachelor contestants) in which he also orders breakfast at the wrong time of day, because you can do that there now. Hopefully I don’t need to connect the dots for you about what this means: he loves McDonald’s and is especially excited that you can (reminder!) eat breakfast there all day.

Here’s some of the really natural dialogue from this episode:

Ben to Amanda: “I thought that the whole purpose of coming to my hometown is to do the things that are normal to me, so I wanted to take you to McDonald’s, because that’s a normal thing for me.”

Ben to Amanda: “Do you love McDonald’s?”

Woman working the counter at McDonald’s: Would you like breakfast or dinner?

Amanda: I’ll do an Egg McMuffin.

Ben: And I’m gonna have an Egg McMuffin, with a medium fry please. And can I get an iced coffee?

Amanda working the drive-thru: “Hi welcome to McDonald’s would you like breakfast or dinner today?”


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