Last night when we couldn't sleep we decided to engage in one of the favorite activities of insomniacs everywhere: Internet stalking vis a vis MySpace! Only, we didn't even get to examining ex-boyfriends' MySpace pages, so distracted were we by the large announcement on the MySpace homepage that not only did Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrance Covet have its own MySpace page, but that it was the featured MySpace page of the day! We had to look. And we couldn't look away. It seems as if the page was created both by and for a group of 10-year olds. There are chances to play investigator and track down the perfume thief, create your very own inspector ID card — complete with photo from your MySpace page, and way, way too many really, really bad pics of SJP. Seriously, it kept us busy from at least 4 to 5 am. It's horrific. There is even a link labeled "Covet Yourself" which sounds weirdly masturbatory and we were too scared to check that one out, though. So maybe you will and will report back to us? [Covet @ MySpace]


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