Last night on Ugly Betty, former Elle fashion director Nina Garcia and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano visited the offices of Mode magazine so that Christian could preview his wares for its editorial team. Interestingly, the episode featured four utterances of Christian Siriano's full name (considering the show is only about 40 minutes without commercials, that averages to once every ten minutes), two uses of the word "fierce," one of "ferosh," and one of "hot tranny mess" — directed at Rebecca Romijn's character, who, of course, is an actual transsexual.

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This show is usually really good with its celebrity cameos, but last night I thought they were way too far up Siriano's ass (figuratively! figuratively!). Every scene until he shows up was "Christian Siriano is here!! OMFG!!!" They weren't even like that when Vera Wang showed up and gave Posh Spice a booty-bump.