Last Night Joan Rivers' Vagina Got Roasted

On last night's Comedy Central's Roast of Joan Rivers, an assortment of (mostly) not-that-famous celebrities paid homage to the groundbreaking comedienne Joan Rivers by cracking jokes about her supposedly old, decrepit, used-up, nauseating, ugly vagina... and face.

Of course, roasts are intended as a parade of the foulest, most offensive, base jokes. And while the ones about Joan could understandably be interpreted as misogynist - and wholly unoriginal - apparently everybody's appearances/genitals were fair game. (Tom Arnold got grief for being fat, Brad Garrett for looking like Frankenstein, and Carl Reiner for having old, saggy balls.) Besides, Joan was laughing the whole time. (Or at least, the minimal movement in her face seemed to imply so.)


My favorite part, though, was when Joan went after Gilbert Gottfried for having the longest set. I love that she made fun of him for not having his eyes open.

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IBleedGlitter: The High Priestess of Tinsel

I watched and I giggled a bit, but I wish everyone compared jokes before going to these things because it seemed like they were all telling a variation of the same friggin joke.