Last night, after we posted the clip of silver medal-winning pole vaulter Jenn Stuczynski being chewed out by her coach, Rick Suhr, we got an email from Jezefriend and awesome writer Arianne Cohen, pointing out an interesting detail in the dynamic between Suhr and Stuczynski. "In this Times article, it talks about how she LIVES all alone with him, on the second floor of a house in the middle of nowhere. He once mortgaged his house to pay for her training. So now she 'wouldn't ever move unless Rick moved,'" Ari, who used to work in a domestic abuse clinic, wrote to us in an email. Here's more of her take: "When I first read it, I thought, 'omg,' and now with the added bonus of watching their dynamic, this has all the markings of domestic abuse. Highly productive domestic abuse, but still, domestic abuse." Fingers crossed that with the Olympics nearly over, Stuczynski will be looking for new lodgings. [Arianne Cohen, NY Times]