Last Friday's Houston Chronicle profiled the silent player in women's gymnastics: the super-tight,skin-stretching ponytail. "When I'm doing my tricks, my hair doesn't whack me in the face," says 11-year-old gymnast Lindsey Stone, while other young gymnasts talk about the importance of wetting the hair, using pins and always carrying auxiliary elastics. The naif style is the bane of hairdressers. '"I have so many women who cut their hair to fit into a ponytail, and what happens is that they all look the same instead of having a style," says Austin hairdresser Allen Ruiz, who doesn't allow stylists at Jackson Ruiz Salon to wear ponytails. "It drives me crazy. These are the same people who say, 'I look terrible in short hair.' Well, I'm looking at you (in a ponytail) and you have short hair."' [Houston Chronicle]