Las Vegas Overwhelmed with Couples Rushing to Get Married on 12-12-12

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My sister is about to run off and elope in Las Vegas without allowing me to live my dream of being both her flower girl and maid of dishonor. I know, she really sucks for choosing what she wants over what would make me happy (think: vegan cheese plate served on flabby abs of Fat Elvis impersonator and all night Robyn dance party). Anyway, she was poking around the Clark County Clerk's office to learn how to best go about her sneaky business, and found this message:

We anticipate to be busier than normal on the days leading up to 12-12-12.
To save time, please complete the Pre-Application for a Marriage License.

Because of this special day, our Laughlin Office will be open on 12-12-12 from 10:30am - 5:00pm.

We want you to have joyful memories of your wedding day. No one wants to be stuck in line at the Marriage License Bureau.


So, if you want a fat and/or skinny Elvis to perform your wedding ceremony, you better get your shit figured out post haste. Apparently this phenomenon isn't reserved solely for Vegas, people all over the world are rushing to get their 12/12/12 marriage on.

According to the BBC, "Register offices across the country have reported an increase in wedding bookings as couples choose to get married on the last day of the century when the date, month and year match."


Mazel tov!

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