Larry Wilmore Got a New Job, Thank Goodness

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Image via Getty

After The Nightly Show was cancelled in August, inconveniently just months before the presidential election, my television father Larry Wilmore has landed a new development gig at ABC Studios.


Variety reports that the deal calls for Wilmore to create projects of his own “plus supervise others and work with ABC Studios executives to target talent for the studio.”

Though it’s unclear if he’ll also return in front of the camera, he’ll at least get to put his stamp on more future black shows, as he did with Issa Rae’s Insecure, for which he served as co-creator and writer, and for Black-ish as an executive producer. Fun fact: he also used to write and produce for Sister, Sister.

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I need him back in front of the camera so I can get my random interjection of this:

<3 you Larry.