Larry Klayman Is Suing Obama, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and Probably You

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Larry Klayman, a professional sack of chicken pox scabs and supposed lawyer, has stated his intention to file a class action lawsuit against President Barack Obama and the entire Black Lives Matter movement for purportedly inciting a race war, which he in turn claims is responsible for killing three police officers and two transit officers at a BLM protest in Dallas last week.


Klayman, who is poetically described on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website as “a pathologically litigious attorney and professional gadfly notorious for suing everyone from Iran’s Supreme Leader to his own mother,” announced his designs in a blog post published on World Net Daily, a Christian conservative online rag.

In a mash of text that can only be typified as “word dribbles,” Klayman cited the incident in Dallas as one of many “inspiration[s]” for the suit, while also implicating he has been mulling over filing it for the entirety of POTUS’ tenure.

Other names included in the suit are Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, the latter whom he refers to as a “charlatan and a white hater.” (I’m sure my mother, Shonda Rhimes, and a half-molten parakeet are somewhere in there too, who knows?)

In his post, Klayman argued that mentioning the very existence of systematic racism is unto itself an incitement to spread “anti-white” hatred—and that as a supporter of the BLM movement, Obama is responsible for spurring on a “race war.”

He then defended the violent and recent actions of (presumably white) police officers, arguing that “it is no wonder some cops, fearing for their lives in this anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian environment, sometimes are prone to literally pull the trigger too quickly.”

Klayman stated the claim will be submitted on behalf of “white, Jewish, and Christian” members of the population (or for “all Americans, white, black, yellow or brown, no matter what their race or religion” later on in the script, so okay, um).


The lawyer also said that the basis of the suit is built upon the “[last] seven years,” arguing that during that time, “Obama and company have been whipping up reverse racism against non-blacks and non-Muslims as payback for years of discrimination.” (Discrimination which, according to Klayman, doesn’t actually exist.)

Or maybe it does, apparently! In addition to his general textual meanderings, Klayman then compared Obama—who he incorrectly identifies as a Muslim—and the other people named in the suit to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in a paragraph that unsettles me as much as it confuses me:

These vigilantes are not cut from the same virtuous cloth as a well-intentioned and genuine reverend, Martin Luther King, who used peaceful non-violence to further freedom for African-Americans and others. For Obama and the others to equate themselves with King is a blasphemy. Obama may think and act as if he is a “king,” but he is no Martin Luther King. In his going on eight years in power, he and his racist comrades have not only set back the significant gains Martin Luther King worked for and went a long way to obtain in uniting the races; to the contrary they have stoked and ignited what now is looking like an all out “race war.”


As of now, Klayman hopes that others will join him as plaintiffs in the suit, including “cops in the Dallas Police Department,” and that he intends to file the claim in the district court for the Northern District of Texas.

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I swear, you’d think MLK was the only black leader these people had ever heard of. Clearly, in his death, he’s the only one they’ll even feign respect for.

But worse is how they use his legacy as a cudgel against other black people, while ignoring the fact that if he was alive, they’d hate him as a race-baiter.

I should also mention that their version of MLK appears to have ceased to exist after Selma, and that the Chicago Freedom Movement and Poor People’s Campaign never existed. Nor did he write the Letter from Birmingham Jail.

EDIT: Also, somehow, given this country’s entire history, it’s always black people trying to start the race war. Funny that.