Larry King Set To Endure An Entire Hour Of Conversation With Paris Hilton

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  • Larry King won the "prize" that is an interview with the dumbest person alive. [LA Times]
  • Prince William is trying to win back his beloved Kate Middleton. [People]
  • George Clooney "won't even look at a picture of a goat again" after getting the runs while touring Africa. [The Sun]
  • Cameron Diaz got in a lot of trouble for carrying a Mao Zedong bag to Peru, where the Maoist guerilla movement Shining Path did not make a lot of friends in the 1980s. What no one points out is that Mao did a leeetle bit more damage to the country where Cameron bought the thing to begin with. [USA Today]
  • Now that she's put her MySpace blog to bed, singer Lily Allen is using Page Six to babble about antagonizing socialite Tinsley Mortimer in the Hamptons and racking up a $10,000 a month hotel bill. [Page Six]
  • Paula Abdul's birthday party was sponsored by a brand of alcoholic water Smirnoff clearly invented just for her. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Record exec/designer Damon Dash is a drunk, which may be why his designer wife Rachel Roy cheats on him. [Page Six]
  • Celebrity stylist Jessica Paster held an open cattle-call for assistants during which her little dog peed all over the clothes and she offered prospects Lean Cuisine and Red Bull to drink. [Page Six]
  • Cute nerd Gideon Yago gave $1,450 to Wesley Clark's campaign last election while covering it for MTV News and isn't apologizing for it. "I don't understand. Things that I do as a private citizen? I mean, what the [blank], man?" [Washington Post]

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Oooh Shiny Objects

Venus, it's a bag with a red star and some Chinese characters. She was a toursit, probably thought it was cute, didn't know what it said or meant. Same "look I have a bag in Chinese/Hindi/Urdu/cool foreign letters" kinda stuff they sell at Urban Outfitters that any kid in college would think is cool.

Calm down.