Last night, Joy Behar sat in as host on Larry King Live and Joan Rivers and Isaac Mizrahi joined her for a roundtable discussion on plastic surgery. Joan was her typical funny, frank self, and took the liberty of telling Joy and Isaac what they needed to have done. Then Elaine D'Farley, the Beauty Editor of Self magazine, came on to discuss her experience with Botox. Joy brought up the fact that Self's credo is "Being beautiful from the inside out," and asked Elaine to explain herself. She tried, but no one was buying it. Clip above, and more from the show, including the secret surgery of Sly Stallone's wife Jennifer Flavin, after the jump.

When Jennifer Flavin — former model, owner of a Home Shopping Network skincare line, and wife of Sylvester Stallone — told Joy that she hadn't had plastic surgery on her face, and that that was all she wanted to say, Joy was like, "No! What have you had done?" So Jennifer said, "Well, I'm not gonna say where I've had it done, but I have three little girls." And then she winked.


So Joy tried to get her to fess up if it was above or below the belt. She would only say it was below the chin, and reminded Joy again that she's had three children and then winked again.

Joy and Joan took it to mean that she had her breasts done, but I think that the fact that she said she wouldn't disclose where she's had it done, made it seem way more unmentionable than implants. I'm thinking maybe she got her vadge pimped. What about you?


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