Lara Logan Speaks Out About Sexual Assault In Egypt

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Journalist Lara Logan has begun giving interviews offering details of her sexual assault in Egypt's Tahrir Square — and yes, she does call it rape.

Some have questioned whether Logan was really raped, while others have simply been unsure what terminology to use to describe her attack. In an interview with the Times, Logan is blunt: "For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands." She added, "my clothes were torn to pieces." And:

What really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.


Logan will do another interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday night. Says CBS chairman Jeff Fager, "There's a code of silence about [sexual assault] that I think is in Lara's interest and in our interest to break." Logan also describes a letter she received from another woman who was raped in Cairo, and says, "her family told her not to talk about it." Hopefully, her willingness to speak publicly about her rape will help the many women who've been made to feel they must keep silent about theirs.

CBS Reporter Talks About Her Assault In Egypt [NYT]

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Hmmm, interesting to juxtapose the Jezebel comments with the Gawker.

Get overpowered by 200-300 men who tear at your clothes until they shred and you are naked as hands touch your body without your permission and then penetrate you as all those pairs of eyes watch, stare back at you, and you are violated over and over again.

Hard to comprehend how men can misunderstand this. If it happened to a male reporter, if he was stripped naked with multiple strangers hands reaching into his anus...I'm thinking most men would be horrified. Why can't they do the same for a woman?