Lane Bryant and Glamour Are Teaming Up for a Clothing Collection, Special Edition Mag

Lane Bryant continues its long climb back into the hearts of plus-size shoppers with a Glamour collaboration.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that the magazine and the brand are pairing up for a “multitiered partnership,” including “a fashion collection, two special issue magazines, print and digital sponsored editorial, a video series and advertising.”


“We’ve been watching plus-size fashion evolve for quite some time, but the past 12 months have shown an exponential amount of growth,” explained Glamour associate editor/former plus-size model Lauren Chan.

To get more specific:

Chan, along with a handful of Glamour editors, put together a 96-page special issue, which goes on sale today for a steep $12.99, that is devoted to plus-size fashion. There will be 115,000 copies on newsstands and 50,000 copies in select Lane Bryant stores, which will be offered as a gift with purchase.

Plus-size media darling Graham, who appears in Lane Bryant’s “This Body” campaign, fronts the issue, which is supported by Lane Bryant ads. (The retailer’s ads will also appear throughout the year in Glamour in print and online.) Glamour will produce another special issue in September to coincide with a fall collection dubbed “Glamour x Lane Bryant.”


A clever idea for a gift-with-purchase, but $12.99 on newsstands? For a mere 96 pages? That’s pretty damn bold pricing, when Glamour has never been the go-to for plus-size fashion, and we can already follow bloggers like Gabi Gregg and Chastity Garner Valentine and outlets like the Curvy Fashionista online for free.

The context for all this is the 2013 arrival of CEO Linda Heasley and the 2014 addition of CMO Brian Beitler, both of whom recently sat down with Business Insider to talk about their efforts to jazz the place up and get past its reputation as the plus-size shopper’s favorite place to contemplate a little light arson. “Arguably, the brand several years ago had lost its way, and since Linda [joined] we’ve [recognized] the desire is there for even more and to do it faster and to do it better,” said Beitler. “And that’s okay for brands to experience those requests.”


Obviously we’ll see how the collection turns out, but partnerships like this tend to be better than the standard big talk about body positivity. Well-made clothing does a lot more for me, personally, than seeing the charming but ultimately conventionally attractive Ashley Graham on ads proclaiming “plus is equal.” I never doubted that plus was equal, but there have certainly been times over the years when I wondered if Lane Bryant thought so. Proof is in the pudding, guys.


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