Fires have engulfed Southern California including the Promises Rehab center, floods have seized Louisiana, 135 people are still dead in Pakistan and tomorrow in Florida NASA is launching a shuttle in hopes of getting some lady astronauts to do some housework in space, which reminds me that all I want to talk about is Lance Bass. He never made it there, in part because we ridiculed him, as if he hadn't had it tough enough growing up gay in a boy band with a sick bloated pedophile on one hand and Justin Timberlake on the other. But seriously, who am I that I care about Lance? Who are we that the universe cares that a fictional supporting character in a children's book series is gay, or that Ryan Gosling got fired from a movie for showing up fat?

Whatever the answer, Angie and Brad are trying to produce an HBO series that will be The Hills of the humanitarian aid biz, Lance's comeback could buy him a second chance in space and I am about to have a beer. Yeah, and if that's not shocking enough for you: no one stopped buying Chinese stuff on account of that lead. See you tomorrow, folks.