Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose Are Music's Newest Power Couple

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TMZ let slip that 25-year-old Lana Del Rey and 50-year-old Axl Rose emerged from the Chateau Marmont together and drove off in a gilded chariot, together (though Rose shimmied his way into the backseat just in case anyone thought he and Del Rey were hanging out together or anything). Realizing that we may be soon be playing refrigerator chicken with the expiration date of Lana Del Rey's cultural relevance, it seems like an appropriate time to mention that she might be dating the Guns n' Roses frontman. Two generations of musical genius have united and could still be making out in a really messy way somewhere over the shoulder of a driver who's desperately wishing that they'd pass out so he can drop them in the desert and work on erasing the backseat slurping sounds from his memory bank. [TMZ]

  • More happy couple news from the music world! The budding relationship — just in time for spring, in case you believe in love as a cyclical, meteorological phenomenon — between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been a long time coming. Like eight years coming. The pair has been friendly since 2004, texting each other and making eyes across tabloid captions that might as well have been oceans because wouldn't you know it? The timing was never right. Either Kim was married or Kanye was dating Amber Rose, or Kim was thinking about giving Reggie Bush another tryout for mediocre athlete husband or Kanye was on the mink hunting trail, thirsty for blood and stylish pelts. They finally reconnected in Paris during a fashion show and decided that, since nothing else is happening right now, they might as well give dating a shot. [TMZ]
  • As unmoved as you may be by news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West making out with their genitals, you probably registered a slightly more noticeable reaction than Kris Humphries, who seems indifferent to the news altogether either because his relationship with Kim was based on an operatic business arrangement or he is actually one of the rock biters from The Neverending Story, and so feels no emotion. [TMZ]
  • Ruben Studdard managed to skate through his divorce like a precocious ice dancing child in Central Park — because of a really thorough prenup he signed before the wedding, he's required to give his now ex-wife Surata Zuri very little, or very little by entertainment world standards. Zuri will receive her wedding dress, a photo album she'll look at infrequently, a 2006 BMW, a $10,000 property settlement, and $2,000 in lawyer fees. [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Lopez got boyfriend Casper Smart a white pickup truck for his birthday yesterday despite the fact that the vehicle will be really hard to keep clean. Celebrities can be so impractical. [E!]
  • Paying taxes sucks, which is why Montell Jordan, the man who brought us the quintessential Friday song "This Is How We Do It," didn't pay his. The only thing that sucks more than paying taxes, however, is owing the IRS a lot of money, like more than $600,000 of that good American money. [TMZ]
  • Australian actor and inveterate bad boy Matthew Newton has been released from a Miami jail following a weekend arrest for resisting police after trespassing on private property. If the 35-year-old's name rings a bell, it probably means you know too much about lawless and obscure celebrities — in 2010, Newton's then-girlfriend Rachael Taylor took out a restraining order against him, accusing Newton of violently assaulting her while the couple was in Rome. Even earlier, in 2007, Newton pleaded guilty to assaulting another girlfriend, Brooke Satchwell. [ AP]
  • Paul DeLisle, the bassist for Smashmouth, has countered his wife's accusation of domestic violence with domestic violence accusation of his own against her. The couple has taken out matching restraining orders to boot. [TMZ]
  • If you're in need of a late morning chuckle, watch this video of James Franco sporting cornrows and impersonating his Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez. It's, as the kids these days say, a hoot. [E!]
  • So what about that Jeremy Lin documentary we've been waiting almost a whole month for? Well, according to a source that prefers to remain anonymous lest CAA draw and quarter him, the Lin documentary is being pitched to Hollywood distributors. It would be directed by Lin's friend, filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong, who worked as an assistant on Fast and Furious and directed a documentary on Christianity in Asia called 1040. We can all imagine, then, that a Jeremy Lin movie will feature Christian drag racing prominently and boast a cameo from Vin Diesel. [LA Times]
  • Hollywood's new hot commodity will be Josh Hutcherson, since he won the "Next Mega Star" award at Logo's alliterative NewNowNext awards in Hollywood. [E!]
  • Hindsight is...well, it's better than foresight, at least according to Nadya Suleman, who told Dateline that undergoing IVF after having six children already was a mistake. A really sad, unfortunately publicized mistake. [Daily Mail]
  • Zac Efron was spotted in various stages of undress (even the final stage) on his hotel balcony in Australia, and some patient photographer has created a little album for your Sunday morning perusal. [Just Jared]



UGH! Matthew Newton is the WORST!

I can NEVER re-watch "Looking for Alibrandi" now without being glad that *spoiler* she doesn't end up with him!