Lakers Player Allegedly Choked Girlfriend Over a Cell Phone

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24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill has been charged with felony assault for allegedly choking his girlfriend during an argument last February, when the former University of Arizona star was was playing for the Houston Rockets. (He was traded to LA on March 15.)

According to court documents, the fight was nasty — Hill purportedly assaulted and choked his girlfriend, causing bruising to her body, over an argument that started "while discussing their future":

During the argument, she says she threw his cell phones to the floor. She told police that Hill then punched her in the legs, grabbed her, pulled her off the couch and dragged her to where the phones were, and threw her against the wall.

Court documents state Hill demanded that she pick up his phones, and when she turned away from him, Hill grabbed her from behind and put her in a chokehold in which she couldn't breathe.

His girlfriend told police that she told Hill she wanted to go home and he booked her a flight back to Florida. Police say her friend picked her up from the airport and stated she was not herself and that she saw bruises on her legs and upper body.

According to police, they obtained photos of the injuries from Hill's girlfriend that were consistent with her and her friend's statements.


If convicted, Hill could face up to 10 years in prison.

Former Rocket Jordan Hill facing charges, accused of choking family member [ABC]

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The only good thing about the Lakers is just when you start to think your hatred is so strong that it must be unreasonable, they'll give you another perfectly valid reason to despise them.