Ladyblog Commenters Ruin Everything

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God, can you believe these party-pooping chicks? Everyone who counts loved Method's "Shiny Suds" video, until some "commenters on one blog" killed their buzz. At least, that's what you'd think reading between the lines of an Advertising Age account:


Last week, household cleaning company Method apologized for and withdrew a web video it had created as part of a campaign for more stringent labeling of household products. The video, made by Droga5, depicted catcalling chemical bubbles ganging up on a naked woman in a shower.

The Ad Age story all but comes out and blames the harridans for ruining the creative fun:

Household cleaner marketer Method has pulled down a viral video roundly applauded by marketers at the Association of National Advertisers annual conference last month and by most viewers who've seen it because of heated complaints from some women who view it as sexist and even condoning rape....

The video got more than 700,000 views in a week on YouTube and a five-star rating from viewers before Method pulled the plug. Method competitor Unilever seemed to like it, too....Little did attendees at the ANA or most commenters on YouTube and Twitter know, however, that the Shiny Suds were really about degrading women and promoting rape, at least in the opinion of commenters on one blog, Shakesville, which posted the video in its "Today in Rape Culture" section.

Feminist blog commenters (yes, on Shakesville, but also on Feministing, and on Feminist Law Professors and right here on Jezebel, and on uncounted emails to us and to Method) must be bigger bullies than... chemical soap bubbles? Fellow officers of the P.C. police, let us use our powers responsibly. Or maybe, just maybe, a commercial that visibly alienates your ostensible core consumer simply isn't good business.

Method Pulls 'Shiny Suds' Ad After Sexism Complaints [Advertising Age]

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Having a 5-star rating on YouTube is not exactly something to hang your hat on.