Feminist cosplay specialist Gloria Allred held another press conference yesterday where she announced the plight of her newest client — 29-year-old Lauren Odes, who was told by her employers that she was "too hot" to see lingerie and that she should tape her breasts down.

Odes says that two days after being hired to work at a Garment District, she was told to wear a red bathrobe (she helpfully submitted a cell phone photo of herself in said bathrobe, as evidence that she once wore a bathrobe). After she refused to tape her breasts down for work, the religious owners of the store said that her body was simply too boobalicious for them, and fired her.

Allred, of course, was in top cryface form, walking into the press conference with her arm around Odes's waist, like she was her gymnastics coach and Odes had broken her ankle in the last vault before Team USA won the gold medal. She managed to refrain from petting Odes's hair, hugging and rocking her, or presenting her with "Fuck those assholes!" gift basket containing a bottle of white wine, a copy of a Kate Hudson film, and a bag of Dove Promises.