Lady Neo-Nazis Shattering the Glass Ceiling of Awfulness

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Despite a now 3-year-old article from the Washington Post that offered hormonal proof that women can manage the the pants off of a business venture, they are still underrepresented in leadership positions at law firms and tech companies, and only fill 17 of the chief executive posts at Fortune 500 companies. What's an intelligent, enterprising gal to do? Move to Germany and join its neo-Nazi National Democratic Party, where the sky really is the unobstructed limit to female hegemony.


Though the German government compiles detailed statistics on politically-motivated extremists, until recently, little data has been collected on women who are active in the N.P.D., a political party that espouses a quaint, mid-century brand of nationalism based on anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, and generally racist ideologies. According to a 2010 estimate by the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution, while only 11 percent of the 25,000 far-right extremists in Germany are women, nearly half of those women are reported to hold leadership positions within nationalist political organizations.

Michaela Glaser, a researcher on far-right extremism, says that the public's perception of female neo-Nazis is shifting — where before women were regarded as "devotees" of their neo-Nazi boyfriends, now they are seen as "being equally violent as the men." Moreover, for organizations whose aim is to more actively pursue their nationalistic agenda, Glaser believes that women make ideal leaders and organizers because they aren't as threatening to and, therefore don't arouse as much suspicion among the general public as men, qualities of innocuousness that German police suspect helped 37-year-old Beate Zschäpe rent apartments and manage finances for a terrorist ring believed to be responsible for a well-rounded crime spree consisting of immigrant killings, bombings, and bank robberies from 2000-2007.

Even as the case against Zschäpe dogs Germany's Nazi-sensitive consciousness, the latest round of voting for the N.P.D. — which Germany tried unsuccessfully to ban in 2003 — saw 3 women elected to the 35-member executive board of the party. Ricarda Reifling, leader of an all-female group within the party called the Ring of National Women, says that the election shows how the strong contingent of "anti-feminist" women in the N.P.D. are "aware of tradition and devoted to their nation." Ah, so that's what it takes for women to really get ahead! They must adopt a cause so completely antithetical to traditionally marginalized groups and pursue it with a fervor that would make the Führer forget all about Unity Valkyrie Mitford, whom he described as "a perfect specimen of Aryan womanhood." Can you say [without throwing up a little in your mouth] pioneer for women's rights?

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Timed to run just before this week's big demonstration in Dresden, which commemorates (and, in the case of the NDP, exploits) the Allied bombings that obliterated this city just before the end of WWII. I am a newbie here, but my husband and I are planning to get out of town or just avoid the scene. I would love to join in the planned commemorations tomorrow, but I am a little bit worried that some of these Neos are going to come out early—they are not likely to demonstrate until Saturday, but I guess I am feeling cautious as a non-white. Does anyone have experience with this?