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Lady Gaga's Boyfriend is Growing Sick of Her Schtick

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When I first read that Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney wanted her to stop acting all weird-like when she was around him it came off as the request of a controlling asshole. Then I thought about it. I mean, who'd really want her bringing some of her pointier costumes into the bedroom? And imagine trying to watch The Real Housewives in peace and have her interrupt to give one of her well-meaning sermons about the importance of good self-esteem. "Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her fans wanted that," someone whispered tenderly to In Touch. "Taylor has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani." I'm totally Team Kinney on this one. [In Touch]
Fans of Gaga's crazy antics flocked to the restaurant she opened with her parents. I'd say it'd be good for business, but can teen Little Monsters afford to eat out in Manhattan? [NYT]


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It's pretty clear from recent events that Demi Moore is undergoing some stressful personal shit, but new claims that she's undergoing treatment for anorexia creates the perfect storm of sadness. "She collapsed after having an epileptic seizure," said a source. "Demi is in getting treated for anorexia, as well as other issues that caused her seizure. She has not taken care of her health at all lately and has lost a ton of weight." Let's hope this is the usual tabloid BS because Demi clearly already has enough going on. Either way, let's hope she can now get the help she needs. [Radar]

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Say what you will about Rihanna's "Thug Life" tattoo, but if it's okay with anti-hero hero Danny Trejo – who happened to be touching up his own tatts at the same LA parlor when she was getting it done – then that should be good enough for anyone. "[She's] one of the downest female thugs in the world," he said. Tupac might not be around to co-sign, but Danny will do in a pinch. [TMZ]
Word has it that Rihanna and Chris Brown ignored each other at that LA club last week. Apparently, they're only into textual relationships. [People]

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He made no secret of that he loved to smoke the occasional joint with his then-wife Jennifer Aniston, but Brad Pitt says it was at the centre of a depressive episode around the start of their relationship. "I got really sick of myself at the end of the 1990s," he said. "I was hiding out from the celebrity thing, I was smoking way too much dope, I was sitting on the couch and just turning into a doughnut and I really got irritated with myself." [Page Six]

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Their divorce shenanigans are starting to feel as fresh as a Shit [Blanks] Say video, and now Seal is hinting that he and Heidi Klum might get back together. "My love has not waned one iota. I love her with all my heart," he said, adding that the window of opportunity has still been left open a crack. "You can never say never." [NYDN]

  • Methinks Page Six are just jealous of people like Carmen Electra and co. when they call them freeloaders for loading up at the Sundance gifting suites. Um, that's what they're for. [Page Six]
  • When she's not bitching about hydrangeas Madonna can actually be quite sweet. [Page Six]
  • I realize she has a pretty solid following already – holla, Veronica Mars fans! – but I'm new to the Kristen Bell fold and find that my love grows each and every time she opens her mouth. This time she's rabbiting on about how cheap she and fiancé Dax Shepard are. "We're very frugal … [we're] hillbillies at heart, and I'm not fucking ashamed of that." [NYDN]
  • As if sweaty guys clambering after balls wasn't enough, one of Madge's dancers said she's "bringing the gay" to the Super Bowl. [NYDN]
  • With only two bottles of Belvedere between three people it seems like it was a quiet night for Chelsea Handler. [Page Six]
  • Clearly Tracy Morgan's mother is working with a dial-up connection because she only found out about his Sundance collapse well after the fact. [NYDN]
  • It's nice to see the gossip rags say that a celebrity is looking fantastic – in this case Vera Wang. [NYDN]
  • It's official! Adele's "21" is the longest-running number one album since "The Bodyguard." [NYDN]
  • Justin Bieber uses his terrifying amount of influence for good and implores fans to sign up for organ donation. [E!]
  • Lindsay Lohan legal woes: take 2,347. [E!]
  • Remember when Sienna Miller was a pretty big deal? Well, those days are over – at least for now – because I troll through gossips sites for work and totally forgot she was pregnant. Oh, and her due date has been revealed: July. [E!]
  • Every hamburger Paula Deen eats from here on in is going to bring her a world of media hurt. [TMZ]
  • Veteran actor James Farentino is dead at 73. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • It's not the one that Ryan Gosling wore, but fans of Drive can now be in the running for their very own scorpion jacket. Um, yes please. [Vulture]
  • Speaking of Gosling, Russell Crowe is pretty upset that he didn't get an Oscar nod. Who knew he was such a fan? [Vulture]
  • Ru-roh! The Social Network's Armie Hammer spent a night broiling in prison after he was busted for weed possession. [Express]
  • If you're into cars, then perhaps "mild" kidney failure is worth a Ferrari. Just ask Nick Cannon — who got one as an impressive Get Well Soon gift from Mariah Carey. [MediaTakeOut]

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Jenisaurus: Ms. Rex, if you're nasty

It looks like Beiber is coming into favor with me. My sister died while waiting for a multi-organ transplant (liver, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestine). My family started a foundation and part of our mission is to spread awareness of the importance and critical need for organ donors. I'm glad someone with some star power has taken interest in such a personal (for me) cause.