Lady Gaga appears on the cover of this month's Harper's Bazaar; it's a very humanizing interview, in which she seeks to dispel the notion that she is "a myth" or "an act." Towards the end of the interview, she opened up about her recent battle with depression:

I became very depressed at the end of 2013. I was exhausted fighting people off. I couldn't even feel my own heartbeat. I was angry, cynical, and had this deep sadness like an anchor dragging everywhere I go. I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. I didn't feel like standing up for myself one more time — to one more person who lied to me.

But January 1, I woke up, started crying again, and I looked in the mirror and said, "I know you don't want to fight. I know you think you can't, but you've done this before. I know it hurts, but you won't survive this depression." I really felt like I was dying—my light completely out. I said to myself, "Whatever is left in there, even just one light molecule, you will find it and make it multiply. You have to for you. You have to for your music. You have to for your fans and your family."

Thankfully, she says that she's happy now: she realized that "depression doesn't take away your talents — it just makes them harder to find."


On a more positive note, she got to sincerely state, "Performing in space is such an honor." It is! It's a big honor! [Harper's Bazaar; images by Terry Richardson for Bazzar]

Gwyneth Paltrow has been invited to the Vanity Fair Oscars party... BUT WILL SHE GO after all the really anti-climactic non-drama that's unfolded this year? Stay tuned, dear readers. Only time will tell. [E!]

Mariska Hargitay was one time approached by a fan who did not recognize her. "You look exactly like that woman on Law & Order," quoth the fan. "But you're much younger, and much prettier... She's a little long in the tooth." Then Mariska picked up the fan's tab and instructed the waiter to say that Detective Benson had paid for her meal. BENSON 4EVER. [Perez Hilton]

TMZ is saying that Selena Gomez went to rehab... because she is addicted to Justin Bieber. Her team freaked out after seeing pictures of the pair's romantic Segway ride. Checked into rehab after joyriding on a Segway, as is so often the case. Sigh. [TMZ]

  • Lebron James got a pedicure and Instagrammed the experience thoroughly. He looks extremely content. [Bossip]
  • Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel is going to be alone on Valentine's Day, just like countless other humans who never even got to wear $10 million worth of gems as a bra. [E!]
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are maybe planning to have a May wedding, so clear your schedule that entire month. [NY Daily News]
  • Beyoncé's wet bob from her Grammys performance is becoming a thing that people want to do to their hair, but, tragically, it has been dubbed "the wob." THE WOB. [NY Daily News]
  • Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are NOT broken up. Today you can slick your wob back with your own tears of bitter disappointment. [NY Daily News]
  • Some deranged person has made a montage of Juan Pablo making out with Bachelor contestants. I have not watched it because I'm afraid of bringing the devil into my home. [Inside TV]
  • Here's an article some other deranged person wrote comparing Miley Cyrus to Marina Abramovic. I think it's the least important piece of cultural criticism ever penned. [ONTD]
  • There's a rumor swirling around the Internet that the Fantastic Four reboot (the original came out in like 2005, but whatever) will star Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. It will be like a reunion of That Awkward Moment but without the pair's unsavory co-stars (Zac Efron and the patriarchy)! [Perez Hilton]
  • Look at all these pictures of Pharrell in notable hats. [People]