When MTV.com asked Lady Gaga whether fans are responding to her music or her "character," she said, "There's an assumption that unless [I'm wearing] no makeup and a T-shirt…and strumming on a guitar that I'm somehow artificial. And I'm not."

The thing is, that she's gotten people so used to seeing her in couture costumes, masks, and severe makeup, that it's actually more shocking to see her without it. Like in this In Touch "exclusive" revealing that "Lady Gaga is surprisingly normal"—gasp!—showing a picture of the pop star at what looks like her First Holy Communion.

In addition to telling MTV that she doesn't want to touch her fans as much as she wants them to touch themselves, Gaga also revealed that she's completely revamping her Monster Ball show—which was hastily put together after Kanye West canceled his plans to tour with her—something which has her team thinking she's "completely psychotic." The new version of the tour, which will launch in February 2010 in the UK will be "conceptually different," feature a much larger stage, and will bring back "the idea of showbiz."

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