Lady Gaga Spent Christmas Playing With Balls

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  • Brace yourself: Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve was low-key.

She went to a quiet restaurant and left early. When you spend the whole year dressed up and celebrating, why join the throngs of plebes on their one night? [Page Six]

  • And! Lady Gaga spent Christmas in Omaha, Nebraska, bowling. She also went to the market and bought scallops, then cooked them for her boyfriend's parents. And visited one of the only gay bars in town. I wish someone would turn the story at the link into a short animated film, it would be marvelous. [Gatecrasher]
  • James Franco is in talks to direct William Faulkner‘s literary classic, As I Lay Dying, from his own screenplay. He may also write and direct Cormac McCarthy‘s Blood Meridian in 2012. And after that, he will write and direct the history of the world and play all the parts, because he is a riddle wrapped in an enigma and smarter and more ambitious than all of us. [Showbiz 411]
  • Zac Efron and Rumer Willis are doing it. Maybe. [Pop Crunch]
  • Nicki Minaj and Drake are doing it. Maybe. [Just Jared]
  • Since you haven't had enough of Gwyneth Paltrow singing, the folks at Yahoo invited her to a studio where she warbled a few tunes and yes she sounds great but that doesn't mean we have to like it. [Yahoo Music]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow might sing with Cee-Lo on Saturday Night Live. Ugh. [Vulture]
  • Lindsay Lohan, star of screen and radio, has been released from the Betty Ford Clinic after 90 days. Today is the first day of the rest of her life. God grant her the serenity to be sober and shop in peace. [Radar Online]
  • Lindsay Lohan is moving into a four-bedroom beach house in Venice, right next door to her ex, Sam Ronson. Sam is apparently slightly annoyed by this development and "didn't plan it this way." [Us Magazine]
  • Here we have pictures of Lindsay Lohan's new beach house. It is, in the words of TMZ, "sick." I admit that I am tempted to break in and take a bath. [TMZ]
  • Yeah, so it wasn't Justin Timberlake on that "leaked" track. We can all feel better; His Sexiness hath not disappointed us. [Daily Express]
  • MTV, a safe space for children and a bastion of purity, made JWoww wear a blazer over her New Year's Eve ensemble, which consisted of an open-weave chain top and pasties, paired with jeans. [Us Magazine]
  • In an unrelated wardrobe malfunction, Nicki Minaj split her leather dress open on New Year's Eve. [Page Six]
  • Naomi Campbell's fiancé spent Christmas with his wife and kids. [Bossip]
  • There will be a hearing today regarding the death of Michael Jackson, and prosecutors have scheduled 30 witnesses to testify. This hearing will determine whether Dr. Conrad Murray should stand trial. [OMG!]
  • Vivica Fox, 46, is engaged to Atlanta club promoter Omar "Slim" White, 27. Love it. [Page Six]
  • Here is Cristiano Ronaldo in small swimtrunks. [Just Jared]
  • Toni Braxton and her sisters now have a reality show. [UPI]
  • Jason Schwartzman is now a dad! [Vulture]
  • "My goal for 2011 is to win a Grammy." — Justin Bieber. [Contact Music]
  • "My parents are the opposite of stage parents in that they're still not so sure about the whole Hollywood thing. I got a degree in psychology at Harvard and my dad is still saying, 'This being an actress thing is cute, but don't you think it's time to go to grad school?' They are amazing parents who listen to me and respect what I say, and the reason I'm not totally crazy is I know they're at home, happy, loving me and proud of me no matter how badly I fail. If you have that in your life, you feel free to do anything." — Natalie Portman. [Contact Music]


You know, I look at those photos of LiLo's new beach house...and that kitchen? It just annoys me to no end that I love to cook, love food and have to contend with my kitchen which is the size of a large broom closet. I have a sneaking suspicion that the lovely gourmet kitchen pictured will go completely unappreciated. Wealth is wasted on the rich.