Lady Gaga Explains Her Tour: Evolution Meets The Apocalypse

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Lady Gaga's description of the concept of her live show is, quite possibly, one of the most insane and amazing things I've read in a very long time. There's just so much going on that I'll just let her explain:

In an interview with the Times of London the Lady breaks it down as such:

It's part pop show, part performance art, part fashion installation. It came about because as an artist, as a writer, as a woman, I feel I've evolved so much.

My evolution is from the beginning of time, so I start as a cell [she shows me a costume like a geodesic dome], and then I become a vertebrate, and then I become a full animal, and there's the birth of the economy, and trade and war, and then it's the Apocalypse. Because we as a society are taught politically and religiously that the Apocalypse is coming, it's on its way. But what I'm saying with my show is, ‘We're there right now: this is the Apocalypse.' The fact that we're surrounded by cement and we've already killed everything means the Apocalypse has happened.

So the idea for me is to give a sense of repose and solace to my fans, that we're here, we did it already, and now it's about accepting where we are and looking more joyfully into the future. And then the Apocalypse is over and the stage becomes very minimal and all that's left is me with a piano, in the middle of the destruction.


Kind of puts Britney's circus to shame, doesn't it?

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I want set up and record a conversation between her, Karl Lagerfeld and Gary Busey. I feel like it would be the most insane thing ever.