Lady Gaga Bought Some Of Daphne Guinness's Old Clothes

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Lady Gaga helped Daphne Guinness's wardrobe auction break several records last night in London. Guinness used Christie's to deaccession some 102 lots of clothing, accessories, and photographic prints, to benefit the Isabella Blow Foundation. Named for the late fashion editor and close friend of both Guinness and Alexander McQueen, the foundation supports emerging designers in the U.K. and research into mental illness and depression. Among the items that fetched the highest prices were a 2008 Mario Testino portrait of Guinness, which sold for £133,250 (a record for a Testino print), and a white, Empire-line McQueen dress worn by Guinness in Harper's Bazaar UK, which sold for £85,250 (it had been estimated at £15,000-20,000). There were also some genuine bargains: a black Narciso Rodriguez evening gown went for £125, and while one Christian Lacroix white lace dress went for a record-setting £16,250, a silk jersey cocktail dress by the same designer was snapped up for £238. All told, the auction raised £476,800. Lady Gaga was a successful bidder, but what she bought is unknown. After the auction, Guinness Tweeted, "THANK YOU my friend Lady Gaga. You are a real person. and a great one! Your proof of friendship, your time was very touching XXXX." [Telegraph, @TheRealDaphne]


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Stam's on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Turkey. She also covered the first ever issue of Vogue Turkey back in 2010. [Fashion Copious]

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Racked referred to Vogue international editor-at-large Hamish Bowles as "Hamish Bowels" in a story about how he helped Lena Dunham pick out her Met Ball shoes — twice. In the hed and the lede. And now we all know what Hamish Bowles' boarding school nickname was. [Racked]

Joan Smalls talks about how she got into modeling in this video for W. She entered a modeling competition in her teens, but didn't win. A scout there encouraged her to straighten her teeth, which she did while earning a psychology degree. "For some fashion shows, I was put in something that I might not necessarily wear," she says. "But I have to remind myself that I'm being hired to actually sell it. So I have to take my opinion out of the way, and just do my job, do it right, and make everyone believe that I love this. And I'm going to show you that down the runway." [YouTube]


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Alessandra Ambrosio gave birth to a baby son, Noah. [Facebook]


There's a new app called Cloth that allows users to upload and share outfit photos — it doesn't collect any personal information for privacy reasons, but it does tag each photo with the current weather conditions, so that when you need an outfit idea for a rainy, 60-degree day, you can find one easily. This might be useful for those of us who are more likely to check Instagram in the morning than the weather report. [Mashable]

  • According to the rumor mill, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker are in "secret talks" to start a clothing line together. [Grazia]

    "It's a huge leap of faith to trust a thong," says Matthew McConaughey, who had to wear one for the male-stripper movie Magic Mike. "And sometimes a thong completely betrays you," says co-star Channing Tatum. Joe Manganiello says the thongs made the movie funnier: "It's hard to take yourself seriously with an American flag thong on with a strategically placed sparkler on the end of it." [THR]

    PETA is still calling the Olsen twins "the Trollsen twins" because they wear leather and fur. PETA, you've been doing this since 2007. Get a new joke. [E!]

    Pat Field is one of those annoying people at the audience Q&A:

    [Isaac] Mizrahi, who curated the evening, was discussing New York's influence on his designs, saying the city has "inspired everything I've ever done. This idea of something very raw and ugly next to something really polished and beautiful." [Panelist Derek] Blasberg dubbed this "gritty glamour," causing Field to shout out her disapproval from the audience. "It's nothing new, you know! It's just our time's reinterpretation . . . gritty glamour was in the 1940s in the war, it was in the Depression!" Mizrahi managed to respond to the one-woman barrage with a faint, "Maybe." When Mizrahi then mentioned seeing nude scenes in the movies his parents took him to when he was probably too young for it to be appropriate, Field shouted, "Me, too! My parents, too! It was no big deal. Life!"


    Dolce & Gabbana will show its first ever couture collection in Sicily this summer. But the press isn't invited — only clients. [WWD]

    Ford Models Tweeted, "Is Kanye also doing a menswear show this week in Paris?" Just asking. [@FordModels]

    Vogue Italia is asking its readers to talk about eating disorders online in order to counteract the impact of pro-ana and pro-mia Web sites:

    Create a blog — or, if you already have one, create a special section inside it — where you can discuss eating disorders, in which you can try to help and support young people suffering from these disorders, anorexia and bulimia, seeking alternatives or practical advice to support them. A place in which to demonstrate the inadequacy and harmfulness of pro-ana and pro-mia websites, trying to convince the young people that suffer from these diseases to no longer turn to them. Only with positive blogs can we cancel them out, winning the fight against these websites, which no law seems to be capable of doing.

    You can find anti-ED Vogue Italia reader blogs plotted on a map on the publication's site. It currently comprises around 30 blogs. []

    Selita Ebanks was about to walk a red carpet in a "bluish outfit," but she "just wasn't feeling it." So she had her limo driver take her to a nearby boutique, which was closing, begged for entry, and bought a new dress. [P6]

    Versace is launching a "high" jewelry collection (high jewelry is like the couture of jewelry — one-off pieces made at astronomical cost for individual clients). Ferragamo, post-IPO, also recently launched a fine jewelry collection, and LVMH acquired Bulgari. The Financial Times' Vanessa Friedman points out that luxury brands see this as a propitious time to get into the jewelry business because of market trends:

    Bernstein Research has quantified the jewellery market overall as worth $185bn, of which only 12% is branded, "compared to 50 per cent of the watches market and 80 per cent of perfumes." Meanwhile, only 5% is in the hands of the big branded jewellers: Cartier, Tiffany, Graff, etc. And on top of that is the increasing tendency of consumers, mid-recession, to want to put their money in "safe" investments: gold, diamonds, and the like.


    Manhattan is going to get a Nordstrom at last. The company is expected to announce today that it will open a flagship store at the base of a new skyscraper to be built at W. 57th St. and Broadway. The store, which won't open for at least another two years, will be around half the size of competitors Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor's respective New York flagships. [WWD]

    Citi downgraded Macy's, Saks, and Nordstrom stock to "neutral" from "buy," fearing that retail spending will weaken during the second half of this year. All three companies' stock prices fell. [WWD]

    Band of Outsiders is currently showing its men's collection on a single male model, who has been installed in the window of a Paris art gallery. Once an hour, he changes into a new outfit. Obviously, there's a live stream. [Band of Outsiders]

    Designer Adam Lippes bought back his name and intellectual property from Kellwood, the large company he had partnered with. [WWD]


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