Lady Doesn't Appreciate Her Mugshot Is the Face of Background Checks

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Meagan Simmons, a Florida mother of four, became Internet famous thanks to an extremely flattering mugshot, taken after a DUI arrest. But now someone's trying to make a buck off her jailhouse style, and she's suing.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Simmons initially took the dubious honor of being "Attractive Convict" pretty well, gamely giving interviews to HuffPo and the Daily Mail. But she drew the line when, a public records database you can use to snoop on dates or whoever, used her likeness in an ad with the caption "Sometimes the cute ones aren't that innocent." So she sued:

In a lawsuit filed in Hillsborough County, Simmons accused the background check website of using her picture for commercial and advertising purposes, without compensating her or even getting her permission.


The suit alleges invasion of privacy and "anguish" and asks for both damages and an injunction against the picture being used anymore. "At the end of the day, this is actually about intellectual property," her lawyer told the Times. "If someone is going to use your image, they need to pay you for it." For instance, he insisted, Colgate can't just Tom Cruise's pearly whites without his permission.

Sounds like she needs to call that guy who reps Grumpy Cat.

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I don't get why these photos are released to the public in the first place. It happens before a trial even. The police are disgusting