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Ladies Wooing Women

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The New York Times asks: Who will win over the working women in the election? Sarah Palin has been speaking almost daily. Hillary Clinton is campaigning only once or twice a week. Michelle Obama is doing the best she can. "Co-workers of mine who had supported Hillary for president are now backing Palin and McCain, and it breaks my heart," Emily Moore tells the Times. She's a 28-year-old occupational therapist who attended an "Economic Roundtable With Working Women" event with Michelle Obama in Richmond on Wednesday. "More people think of Michelle Obama as an elitist than Hillary, which is funny to me," Moore adds. "I think it'd be the other way around." [NY Times]


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I'm still not the biggest supporter of Obama, but as a former Hillary supporter who was on the fence, I can say that I'm definitely going to be voting for him. It comes down to a lesser of two evils for me, and since Sarah Palin scares me more than spiders (trust me, that's a lot), I'm going to have to go with the Obama camp. I don't dislike Obama for racial issues, it was always just a gut feeling. And, I am kind of moderate, I guess? It does piss me off though that everyone jumps to race if you're not an Obama fan. There are other reasons! Republicans aren't all racist; they disagree with him on some issues... So why do you assume that Democrats who don't like him are racist? Couldn't they just not like where he stands/his level of experience/etc. etc. I lost the comment that made me upset about this issue again... So, forgive me if it seems out of left field, but there was something up toward the top that prompted it.